Lonesome Cove Resort

Cira 1961

Purchased in the late 1940’s, the cove and its surrounding seventy-five acres were turned into a resort by the late Roy Durhack and his wife Neva. At one time there was a campground on the section of land that has been named “Namu’s Cove” due to its being the film location for the first movie about the killer whales! “Namu, Killer Whale”, can still be rented in most video stores. This portion and most of the original woodland has been sold to other like minded conservationalists.

The remaining water front acreage is what makes up Lonesome Cove Resort. The six cabins were hand-built,one each year, and are each unique in design and construction. In the fifties, great salmon barbeques were a nightly occurrence on the beach; you can still catch your own dinner and cook it on our Weber barbeques on your cabin’s front deck.

The resort has passed thru the hands of three families, all of which have valued the beauty of the place more than the dollars that might have been realized by further development. Due to that philosophy, the Cove can be seen much as it was first discovered; pristine, natural, beautiful. Discover a place that is so special that visiting it is a priviledge to be shared.

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